Name : Shinobu


Nickname : Shin, Nabu (Nobu?), Clown, Orange Head

Age : 19

Species : Human - Curses

Occupation : Exorcist, Sniper, Clown, Engineer

Pirate : Exorcist Pirates as Sniper, Engineer, and Clown

Pirate Ship : Saint Exorcist

Gender : Male

Birthplace : -none-
Glass breaker

2 types of Glass Breaker

Birthdate : 4 / 4

Height : 6 ' 79

Weight : 56

Dream : to find the most biggest library ever

Bounty : 100.000.000

Weapon : Glass Breaker, Anti-Akuma Weapon


He's raised up with Lavi, Heart, and Ryoko together in an orphanage in South Blue. He so respect to Lavi as his Captain and his childhood friend. And he would like to do anything for her to make her happy.


Such a funny guy, a nice boy, and a loyal friend.


" Shoot You ! ! "

Shin shoot with 2 of his Glass Breaker.

" Exorcist Power Boost "

He out his Exorcist power and lost minded-attack.

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