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Serena Sun

Serena (AKA Sun), is the artist of the Espada Pirates. Sun is the 12th member and currently the only female crew member. She was a former cook at "The Quickeys Bar" on Small Island in East Blue. Her father left her before she was born to achieve Vegapaint. She has yet to own a bounty.


Sun is a average-aged tall women with waist-length black hair. She wears a orange and blue Criminal brand mid-thigh shirt over a black bikini top. At the waist, she has a white belt with pouches filled with paint, and a hook to hold her paintbrush (passed down from her father). She has long black cowboy boots with several white buckles.

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 96-55-86 cm = 37-21-33 in [F-Cup]

Sun represents a zebra, the color blue, and smells of vanilla and paint.

Personality and Relationships

Serena is a rowdy and friendly person, but when she is serious, she is frightening. When she was first introduced, she flirted with the Espadas and accepted their invotation right away. She loves most men, meaning she only likes attractive ones.

Abilities and Powers