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Name : Ryoko Hanazono

Ryoko Hanazono

Nickname : Ryoko-chan (Lavi, Shin), Hana (Heart)

Age : 18

Species : Human - Curses

Occupation : Exorcist, Navigator

Pirate : Exorcist Pirates as Navigator

Pirate Ship : Saint Exorcist

Gender : Female

Birthplace : -none-

Birthdate : 5 / 1

Ryoko's Glaive

Height : 6 ' 05

Weight : 40

Dream : find her real parents

Ryoko's Anti-Akuma Weapon. Inside her legs not in her arms like the others.

Bounty : 50.000.000

Weapon : Glaive, Anti-Akuma Weapon


A girl that become Navigator on the ship. Ryoko respected Lavi, but didn't like Shin because he's noisy.


A full-of-smile girl that youngest in the ship. She's always happy, when Shin didn't near her or anything funny happened.


" Heartless Angel "

Ryoko move her glaive around to kill everyone that gather around her.

" Shoot, It's no use ! "

Ryoko use her glaive to punish 2 opponent in one times.

" Exorcist Kick "

Ryoko turn her leg into weapon and then kick big / giant object.

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