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Name : Lavi Narukami

Lavi, the word on her cap make her nickname, Satchi

Nickname : Satchi, Beast, Exorcist

Age : 18

Species : human - curses

Occupation : Exorcist, Pirate Captain

Pirate : Exorcist Pirates as Captain

Pirate Ship : Saint Exorcist

Gender : Female (even her appearance doesn't seem like that)

Birthplace : -none-

Birthdate : 3 / 11

Height : 6 ' 77

Lavi's Weapon, Ryu No Sekai

Weight : 45

Dream : to find the reason why she's born, to find her real family, and to slay every akuma (demons) in one whole world

Bounty : 250.000.000

Pet : ​Takamaru - eagle, Kaze - wolf

Weapon : Sword ( Ryu no Sekai ) and Anti-Akuma Weapon


She's a captain of Saint Exorcist, her pirate ship. Well, she's a little jealous to her navigator, Ryoko (Ryoko have a big breast but she's not), but even that she always respect all of her crew and call them " nakama ".


A loyal and really-really-like-to-smile captain. She always smile, even her feelings is still sad. But, if she take out all of her Exorcist-super-power, she can't be stopped.

Lavi without cap, her left arm became a weapon


" Satsuriki Bujin "

she slay without destination. To slay object in a huge number.

" Merry Go-Round "

slay around to kill all object that gather around her.

" God of Exorcist "

out her Exorcist power and then do all she wants without mind.

Another crew :