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Age: 74

Species: Ancient People
Blood type: Extremely Rare
Birthdate: Year of the Coin
Height: 4'9
Weight: 142
Island of Origin: Ancient Kingdom
Occupation: Shipwright

Epithet: N/A

Crew: Asura Pirates
Family: Deceased
Current Bounty:


Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol.gif

Reason: Hasn't done anything yet to be wanted besides World Govenrment notices.

Dream: Finding multiple easy ways to make life easier in everything aka to Find The Ultimate Solution.
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Kalrow was one of the Ancient Kingdom's greatest minds and now since the destuction of his home he is the only greatest mind left. Due to his old age and great mind he comes of as extremely lazy, being so lazy he rather use is energy for his cain like seg-way to get him around than to walk or fight. Being the crews Shipwright to his much disfortune he may have made the Soyo Kazego and also specializes in technology of all kinds while quickly getting up to date with the new era's technology he slightly updated the ship he claims "Kalrow Style". He now travels with his crew with the same goal but also one of self interest. To find and collect all the Poneglyphs claiming them to be extremely important to both them and their home.


Kalrow thinking lazily on his customized cane/seg-way. Since knowing technology from the Ancient Kingdom and finding out this eras technology his minds info is both extremely vast and dangerous regardless of what some may see him as.


Extremely lazy and sometimes complaining as a old man wanting everything to be taken care of easily and fast on first reaction. But if he dubbs it then he will invest more time into something whatever it maybe talking,fighting,technology,ect.

Abilities and Powers


Uses Chi energy to use Alchemy by equivalent exchange on organic and non-organic things. (Basically think full metal alchemist)

Physical Strength/ Agility/ Endurance

Dues to his lazy and old fragile age he isn't very strong,fast,or enduring as the others relying on his alchemy skills to make up for his short comings in every way possible. By himself he cant do much but with the right alchemy item or summoning he can do just as much as anyone else on the crew if not more if in the mood.


Anything he transmutate into what he so desires such as...

Soliders made out of whatever material he uses in the vacinety or he brings with him.

Or even wierder contraptions to even fire projectiles and mobile.

Another Kalrow Alchemy summoning can be made from stone ect fires chi energy all the same

made of metal or steel or any material Kalrow sees nearby to trans-mutate. Take away the cloth though lol


Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation Uses this with his highly intelligent mind to come up with answers extremely fast and no the area and enemy or enemies.


Allies/ Friends/Crew

Asura pirate crew


World Government


Kalrow always believed that they should strengthen their country with more military means then researcg means. Know one believed him and when the time came for war and Kalrow had become lazy and complisant believing why try when you will only fail in the end the country fell. He still is lazy and complains over why try and if so just go the easiest route which can seem harsh. After waking up and going with his last surviving people he travels to find the poneglyphs and to understand the new eras technology.