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Marcus Junior Marcus Junior 14 October 2019

Two on One: It's not fair! But hey, he started it.

Narrator: Just your usual Sunday afternoon in Tokyo…

“A rather small-built-blonde man wearing a school uniform walks with a soda can in his hand as, behind him, buildings collapse as a result of a huge fight. An explosion sends a human-sized piece of concrete flying at him, but he effortlessly moves to the right side, avoiding it.”

????:*while sipping from that delicious Coca-Cola*[These are the two guys I need to off today, huh? Quite big shots, those two. What are their names…? Grey? What a shit name. Samado Takeo…what the fuck is “Samado” even supposed to mean? And “Takeo”, really? Couldn’t his parents come up with anything less-cliché?]

“The nameless man notices that he has finished his soda, so he throws the can in the garbage before doi…

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Zoro-san Zoro-san 15 November 2018

Time Changes Nothing

The story so far...

It's been 14 years since the unforgettable fight between Sasawaga "Marimo" Kenshin and Jason L. "Tensai" Magnus. The world has changed a lot, despite the time passing being a decade and almost a half. Humans, now finding themselves powerless and equal, were forced to find other ways to gain strenght. With the same one goal in mind, the governments formed around the world have put all of their effort and resources into advancing the one thing that has remained unchanged by the legendary battle that shaped the new world, technology. In this changed world, one thing remained the same as it has always been. Negative emotions, hatred and fear.

The lives of the two heroes of our tale have changed drastically as well. Marimo has…

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Caring16 Caring16 1 May 2017


hi that's about it

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 8 October 2016

A Happy End

The Terminus Est can be seen embarked on the coast of a small, beautifull island of the New World...

The Espada Pirates can be seen doing random activities, like exploring the forest that was close to it, which was filled with many species that can't be found anywhere else on the planet, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Magnus can be seen walking through the forest, alone.

Magnus: Hey, how you feeling?

Walking side to side with him is Owari... Only Magnus can see him.

Owari: Well, I do feel quite salty after my plans were foiled in such a grand way... but at least it was not for naught. You now acknowledge my existance as a permanent part of you, so I got taht going on for me, which is nice.

Magnus: You simply could have speaked up earlier... Wo…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 4 October 2016

Loose Ends

Magnus climbs the ladder to the Mugens' ship. The Crew is ready to sail, and was simply waiting to say goodbye to Magnus... They had already bidded farewell to the rest, so he's the only one left.

Magnus: I'm gonna say this one last time, and then we put this all behind us. I'm sorry for Yusei. You guys however proved that you can be just fine without him.

The Five pirates have gathered around the man, and listen to his words without interupting.

Magnus: I know it all too well, what it's like to lose loved ones. You have to stand up and be strong, for their sake too. Think of what he would have wanted, always have that feeling in your hearts... I think that, as Caesar would have said, you all have grown to be fine Men indeed.

They all take the…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 4 October 2016

The days after a war

Magnus wakes up in a comfy bed. He tries to turn around the white sheets, but he suddenly feels immense pain from all over his body.

George: I used my time powers to take your body back in time, but even I cant make miracles...

Magnus: Thanks Dad. I really appreciate it. I doubt I would be able to heal some of the wounds from the war...

Mugen also comes in the room, and finds that Magnus has woken up.

Mugen: Ooh, Magnus-san! You woke up!

Magnus: Only my eyes. My body still feels heavy,and my mind foggy.

Mugen: Need I remind you that after you performed the Mugensei you still fought on for hours?

Magnus: Yes but as we were teamed up, our powers were beyond Anything I could imagined! Im almost gonna miss having that bastard team up with me, that po…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 3 October 2016

The End: Light and Darkness

Both are running, with human speed. Their determination is imminent.

They have both discarded any doubts, rather, their opponents have slashes them away.

Have a single doubt in your mind about your goal, and your Haki will wither. They both know they can't afford that.

Owari no Yami no Hiken: End.

Mugentoryu Kai: Hikari No Ken.

It all happens in an insant. 

As the two reach up to eachother, and thei swords touch, two things happen at the same time.

At most places around them, Owari uses the best of his skills to bend reality itself... Everything around him loses its light, and turns into darkness, to be wielding by the man.

At higher places, all the light that escaped from Owari's powers, all the light that Magnus has been releasing in the last ho…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 2 October 2016

Unmei no Owari


Unmei no Owari...

Everything is calm... Nothing moves, no sounds can be heard...

We see soldiers, we see the waves, we see anything that has a purpose...

Around the battlefield, all people have stopped moving... They aren't forzen in time, things go on naturally... 

They all just stand there.

Even Marimo, Marcus and Mugen simply stand still... Their look is empty and emotionless.

Around the world, too, everything is simply still. No one is moving. Empty looks and lack of emotions are written on all of the world's faces.

Owari: Every sinlge thing on this earth has been frozen. Every string of destiny stopped, all but ours. 

Magnus can be seen, sweating heavily, realizing what just happened.


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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 1 October 2016

Destiny's Will

"The Infinite System... Mugensei."

Telos and Owari prepare to unleash their most mindblowing attack, the one that dares to approach infinity itself, using four god powers...

Time to manipulate the flow of the attack, making a hundred hours transpire in a few seconds...

Space, to create enough room for the technique.

Dreams, to turn everything they dream with their powers into reality.

Souls, to manage all the powers around them, both with their own Soul Burst and with imbuing the attacks with souls.

On the other hand, we have Mugen himself. The man who has eaten the Mugen Mugen no Mi. He's cocky enough to try and surpass his mentor at his own game, and with his newly achieved Soul Burst, he has a shot at it.

Marimo and Marcus, on the other hand, …

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 30 September 2016

A Few Steps To Infinity

Marimo: You imbecile of a Captain... I was hoping that that idiot would win, but it seems that his victory was his End, after all.


Marcus: And now we have to not only fight, but kill two Mangos?

Mugen: If only. The last fights have been eye opening... Those two, combined, are so much stronger. 

Telos: Indeed, it wouldn't be a stretch to say we are as strong as The One together...

Marimo and Marcus stretch.

Marcus: Good,  then I can see how well I would have faired. Alwasy wondered about the "What If", you know...

Marimo: A few months ago we let that shitty cook die and spilled our blood to stop The One... Only for you to even dare say that, makes me really wanna kill you…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 30 September 2016

The End reigns surpeme

Owari: I'm honestly suprised you can still stand, Socrates. After what you did to Cello, I'd imagine that even you would have strained your body far beyond it's limits.

Socrates: Oh, it seems that you still don't know enough about the Pantheon, then.

As the men get closer, flames open up all over the place.

In another play of destiny, the fight that is going donw is between five men who wield the Pantheon.

From Telos and Owari, a black and purple flame... Body and Brain.

From George, a Gold flame, and something else, more like a "transparent" flame. Brain and something else.

From Socrates, a Blue and Green one, to signify Power and Speed.

From Atazard, a Green and Lime Green... Speed and Winds.

Instantly, they all dash.

Telos appears infront of Geo…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 30 September 2016

Magnus no Owari VS The World

Owari has won. He's standing infront of his original body, laughing as hard as he can... And so is his counterpart...

Owari: It's nice to meet you, in your full glory... Telos.

Telos: Telos, eh? Rather accurate. The only other name I would go by, after getting so used to Owari.

Owari: Greek for "End", it only makes sense...

Telos: Now look, Owari. The beasts have all beaten your Force and are heading straight at us, howling rigouriously.

Owari: How about it then, Telos? Wanna take them on together?

Telos and Owari both grab their swords, and stand back to back.

Black and White, in every aspect. Black hair with a black suit, and white hair with a white one... Two swords on their hands each, and a wicked smile...

Though Telos still looks completly l…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 27 September 2016

Your End is Where I Begin

Magnus and Owari both close their eyes.

Both: From now on, it's endgame. No second chances, no Mercy. All out.

Without a warning, the whole plateau is covered in flames. Collumns of fire break the soil and rocket from the ground up.

The flames spreads quickly, making it unbearable to even stand on the earth. Both start sweating but don't lose focus.

As hell breaks loose all around, Owari's Pantheon spreads equally quickly, and solidifies. It starts taking form, and within a few seconds, Demons made of solid black and purple pantheon roam the place, wrecking anything in their wake.

Owari No Hiken: First Taste of Hell.

Magnus finds himself in a place that might as well be Hell itself, with dangerous magma having formed craters all around him, fire…

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Zoro-san Zoro-san 21 September 2016

The Lost Chapter

  • The wind can be seen blowing, almost knocking off the hood from a young man's head
  • He is standing on top of a hill, looking at a town in the distance

????: Finally, I didn't have anything to eat for 2 days now.

  • The man enters a bar, takes his hood off, then he walks to the barman

????: Hey, boss, do you serve food as well here?

Barman: Take a look around you. Is there anyone with a plate on his table?

????: You must have some food to spare, I'm starving!

Barman: I don't have time for beggars, I'm running a business here! Get out!

????: Hey, who's a beggar?! I was gonna pay you, you asshole!

  • The young man looks a bit surprised as a man in his thirties sits right next to him and places a few bills on the counter
  • The man is wearing a samurai outfit, ha…
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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 18 September 2016

Plus and Minus

As both men's pantheons explode and cover up the whole plateau, they dash and clahs once more.

Magnus tries to slash and kick, using the best of his telekinetical abilities, while Owari dodges, and unleashes powerfull attacks aimed at vital points only.

After a few good minutes of fighting, they take a step back, and together, decide it's time to step up the game. 

From each pair of swords, light or darkness comes out, spreading far and wide. 

Nitoryu Ougi: Hikari Michi!

Owari no Hiken: Yami no naka...

Magnus simply thrursts both swords at Owari, and two light beams that are combined are unleashed at almost the speed of light, while from Owari, a dome of darkness spreads all around him.

The light projectiles hit their target before he was able to…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 17 September 2016

The End's reason for existence

The roles have been reversed. Owari is kneeling in front of Magnus, defeated and almost falling into a coma. Magnus kicks Owari on the head with such power that he's sent flying, and that kinda wakes him up.

Magnus: I know this fight has not seen its end yet. Stand up.

Owari lands rather roughly, and almost instantly opens up his Pantheon, He then uses a few godly powers, mainly Apollo, to do that trick where he heals himself with the cost of his own life force. 

He then stands up, with a brutally serious look, and stares at Magnus.

Owari: So you're telling me that you're showing mercy, even when you could have killed me?

Magnus: I am not here only to kill you. What this world is going through right now, it is on me. You are a part of me, the d…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 15 September 2016

The Fire God bows down to Genius

And so, it begins. 

Shockwaves spread quickly all over the island, making the weakest of the fighters on it shiver. The sound of metal clashing can be heard all over the place, so many times per second that it almost sounds like a uniform sound. 

Nitoryu Ougi: Suiryu Arashi! 

Owari no Hiken: War Blade Doom!

Magnus appears next to Owari, and around him, immense Telekinetical force spirals and dances. Magnus moves his arms with superior speed, unleashing a barrage of attacks, all backed up by the Telekinesis around him. The attacks are all connected, they either follow another attack or a parry, and seem to never stop moving... 

Owari's blades get covered with lava, and he attacks as quickly. He blocks every strike, and he tries to counterattack.…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 16 August 2016

When Time and Destiny collide

As he finishes up his sentence, George pulls out two katana swords from their sheathes... They look like the swords Jason is wielding, and it's logical, since they used to be the original Magnus' swords. 

The fighter, feared all around the globe as one of the monsters of an old era, the pirate once known as The Fifth Yonko... The god who stirps up the things, who set the plan of purifying the One God into motion.

George L. Magnus charges at Fate, knowing it is his duty to take part in this World War, not as God, but against one. 

After a council of Gods, we can see George, Ceasar -Marcus' surrogate father and God of Gravity- and an old man with long white hair and beard, who has a very serene yet strict look. The ones we know,  George and Cea…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 11 August 2016

Burning Soul

Mugen can be seen walking towards Connor. The two men have already begun unleashing repsectable ammounts of flames all around them.

Mugen, the user of the Mugen Mugen no Mi, a fruit that allows to infinitely spawn anything that has been inside the eater's body for more than a week. 

Connor, the Burning Back, who cosumed the Paramiecia Hono Hono no MI (Flame Fruit), and who, with a circuit of flame-resistant tatoos that runs all over his body, wields flames masterfully.

The two men who clashed once before get ready to settle an open score. Mugen knows that it is not time for him yet to face Owari, as he's still not... fully charged. On the other hand, Connor understands that he is the best in the force to deal with a man who can infinitely spaw…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 8 August 2016


As the other fights are slowly climaxing, one very peculliar fight has been going on in the same tempo for quite a while now.

Marcus thrusts his fist once more, and Lavi blocks it, attacking with his own fist, using the technique he exhibited in their first match.

Maxx Point: Fist

Using every single muscle in his body to produce power, Lavi strikes with destructive power. The concept behind the style is really simple, but to fight using all muscles in each and every move takes a huge toll on the fighter.

Marcus, on the other hand, barely dodges the incoming strike. He has to activate his aho haki flame, and propel himself with it for a short while in order to make sure he doesn't get it the way of the shockwave.

Once again, a scene from their l…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 8 August 2016

Marimo Vs Venator

Venator: My fists and your swords are fated to clash, I'm sure of it. However, not like this! You're...

Marimo:*shadowed eyes*Would you all shut up about it already?

  • Marimo looks into Venator's eyes and releases his killing intent
  • Sweat can be seen running down on Venator's face as he sees eight blades stabbed into his body, all of them in vital points
  • Venator instantly reacts and jumps away, only to realize that Marimo hasn't moved an inch

Venator:*nervous smile*So that was only...your killing intent?

  • Marimo takes a relaxed pose and looks at Venator

Marimo: I don't care if you're a good guy or not. This is a battlefield. You don't show mercy for your opponent here. The battlefield is a place where, when you see your opponent with his back turned…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 30 July 2016


As the battle between Magnus and Owari ensued, and George stood up to Fate, Atazard takes another swing with his leg at Sevoch.

Atazard: To think that coming here would give me the chance to cut my remaining ties to that life...

Sevoch: To think that Magnus would bring the one person on this planet I resent the most...

Sevoch and Atazard flash away, and reappear in various spots all around the place, clashing with Haki-imbued strikes.

As they are moving around, winds start spiraling around the place, and at one point, Sevoch finds it difficult to move around.

Kaze Nozomi (Wind's Wish).

Instantly, the scale of the winds is raised, and Sevoch almost loses his balance. On the other hand, Atazard jumps, and unleashes a sword swing that is empowered b…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 28 July 2016

The Greek Warrior VS The Mountain

Some blood splatters, and three deafening sounds echo. 

We find Cello,the largest man in The Force, easily standing at two and a half meters, and with shoulders broad enough to hug five men, throwing a punch. 

The fist connects with a haki-imbued shield, held by the Greek Warrior, Socrates. He is wearing some typical Spartan armor, holding a shield with his left arm, and wielding a longsword with his other. 

Socrates tries to slash Cello's head, but the blade only manages to leave a scratch on the man, even though Socrates' swing hit perfectly.

Socrates: They don't call you the sturdiest man in the planet for nothing...

Cello: It suprises me that, no matter my sturdiness, you've already put three scratches on me...

We take a closer look, and see…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 27 July 2016

Scientists are scared of Infinity

Doyle Lavoisier. One of the men of the day. He created the biomechanical army that wreaks havoc all over the globe, with some help from Owari, and finally made certain that, no matter what, his name has been written in stone in the scientific community. 

He, however, does not rest. He wants to keep going, to achieve higher levels of satisfaction. The means to that, he has found in the remainants of the Mugen Pirates, excluding Mugen himself who is fighting Connor. 

He is know standing tall, with most of his clothes burned by the last attack he survived. The exoskeleton he is wearing is visible now... It is like the comic hero, the Iron Man's suit in a way, only in total white, and the helmet has a totally different design... It is made up of…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 26 July 2016

The Great Bioengineer, Doyle Lavoisier

As every fight has finally begun, we return to the four unique individuals that seem to bε the weakest of all the fighters in this world, acomplished as they may be.

Doyle: Entertain me now.

Crow appears almost instantly above Doyle, swinging his right leg at the man. In the same instance, Stilo makes a dash for it an appears infront of their opponent, with a finger turned into a pen.

Doyle, whose movements are enchanced greatly by the exoskeleton he is currently wearing, catches the incoming shigan with ease, and also blocks the incoming attack. 

Crow tries to attack with the wings he sprouts at that moment, and Stilo grabs Doyle's arm that is still crushing his finger. 

Both: NOW!

Ihos appears too, swinging his guitaxe, and from a spot far awa…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 26 July 2016

Cape of our Hero

A cape flaps in the wind, as a defeaning sound echoes throughout the battlefield...

George L. Magnus: Consider this your resting place. For touching my son's life, I will make you go through hell... Fate.

Appearing on the arena of our war is the God of Time, a man that before he quit his pirate life to fullfil his God duties was feared as the "Fifth Yonko", a man of equal standing with the best of the world. 

His fist crashed on Fate's face with absolutely crushing power, and the Haki that covers it is so strong the air around it is dense...

Fate is lying on the ground, with his head buried deep withing the crater on the concrete it created... Slowly, he manages to stand up, and utter a few words.

Fate: George... You seal your betrayal of God b…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 21 July 2016

The strings stop moving

Jason L. Magnus and his dark side, Magnus no Owari... The two men, the center of the world for this day that will forever be remembered as a day taht changed society, finally stand face to face, and clash... 

Everything that the stand for, that they own, that they are is on the line. On their shoulders, the weight of the world. On their hands, the tools to become the winner. On their souls, a raging flame... And on their minds, just one thought.

Nitoryu Ougi: / Owari no Hiken


Tenpun Gurendan / Garuda Ken (Heavenly Wind, Crimson Sphere / Phoenix Sword)

As Owari rises high in the air, he is set on flame, with immense heat radiating all around him. The flames take the shape of the wings of the legendary Garuda, the phoenix like god.

On the othe…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 17 July 2016

The End of Madness around the world

As Atazard and Sevoch continue bashing at eachother, we also take a close look at the other fights around us... They are all progressing, each epic in its own way.

Shortly after that, we look at the protagonists of the war... Magnus and Owari.

Magnus: You know, when I declared that I wanna change the world, I meant that I wanna make it a better place. To heal god has become my goal, and to make this planet the best it could be was what I want to end my life with... What you pulled on this society, however, is just the opposite of that.

Owari: Isn't that the meaning, love? I am you in every physical aspect, save for the hair of course, and we share most of the points that make up our personalities... The difference between Jason and Owari is t…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 15 July 2016

Atazard's fight

As the war rages on around him, Sevoch can be seen looking at the clash between Magnus and Owari, amazed.

Sevoch: This... is Magnus? This is the man that Owari needs to take down?

A small smile is formed on his lips as he re-adjusts his iron gaunlets.

Sevoch: Just seing them cross swords sends shivers down my spine! The man that ended Shir's tyranny clashing with himself!

As he stands there, he feels that he has nothing to do in this war, suddenly... Everyone is fighting someone, be it an Espada, the Mugens, or one of Magnus' allies. He, however, has only been cracking the heads of random soldiers, just for fun up till now...

As those thoughts fade, a huge wind that momentarily colours the whole atmosphere in a lime green colour blows all aroun…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 15 July 2016


As Magnus and Owari face eachother, Atazard walks up behind Magnus, and stands to his left. He takes a good look at Owari, suprised to see that Magnus was not joking when he said they are indentical.

Owari: I've got a question for you though. Who's the tag-along? Don't tell me you think that bringing in peopel I haven't met while we were together will change things.

Atazard: On the contrary, "Owari". I am the only one that knew of your existance before Jason himself.

Magnus: You have sided with Fate on this whole fascade, and I have to say that this whole war is just a play of destiny, no matter which angle you take it from. 

Owari: So, a person of the past... Who could know of my existance, then? A God, perhaps? I don't feel that kind of ener…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 15 July 2016

Fly on the Wall

Owari closes his eyes, and waits. He feels that his other self is close by, so he just waits for what he will do... No matter how much they might despise eachother, he knows him and trusts him as much as he trusts himself. As such, he knows that there will be a grand enterance, as usual by now...

Quickly, through Owari's mind run a lot of his memories, most shared with Magnus, but some, personal. 

With thoughts like that in his mind, Owari starts hearing some music... It doesn't have a specific source, it is pretty much everywhere... Some violins start to play, and he likes it. 

He's here.

Atazard: Having gone through all this shit, one would imagine you would have grown up. Yet sometimes you are as imature as you were when you were seventeen. …

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 15 July 2016

The start of the end

As the fight between Owari and George ends with the whole world feeling immense negative emotions, we are taken a few moments back, in another place on the island...

  • As the deadly fights are taking place all across the battlefield, Venator, who, for the past ten minutes or so has been waiting for a certain someone to appear, hears some noise a few meters away from him
  • He jumps off a high place, then slowly walks to the area where the noise was coming from
  • Venator notices that some blocks have been moved, which intrigues him
  • After taking one more step forward, Venator stops, surprised at the sight of multiple New World Government members

Venator: [They...survived? How is that possible?]

  • Venator opens his eyes wide in surprise as he spots somethin…
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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 14 July 2016

Final Heaven

Owari is standing still, having slashed George in the chest succesfully with menace. George, on his knees, tries to calculate the damage done on his system, and finds that even standing up takes effort on the biomechanical body of his.

Owari: I told you when I first saw your Ageha and I'll say it again: I really don't wanna kill you. If you come at me with such a dangerous weapon, however, it is unfortunate but I will have to end the life I created.

George: And again, I'll tell you! You are not him! I don't care what the shadow on the ground says, I'll always follow the man that it belongs to! 

George finally manages to stand up, and finds that, thankfully, his wings are fully functional.

George: If the shadow bears it's huge fangs at him, then…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 13 July 2016

Melchee's Gears

With the Mafia's most powerfull members all defeated, it seems as if the war has taken a sudden change... The morale of the fighters that oppose Owari spikes, and every member of the Force  understands the importance of this loss, as they -save for Lavi-  feel the fall of Ina with their Haki...

Owari himself, as he dodges another existance-deleting sworstrike from George, feels some sweat running on his forehead, as he now realizes how much he underestimated his light side's nakamas and their amazing growth...

George: We have all taken ourselves to another plane of power just to survive these recent events... While Magnus was fighting for everyone, we had to also keep our own against Sher's amazing army...  It's understandable if he didn;t e…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 13 July 2016

Insert Title for Battle Here...

Just can't do it...

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 13 July 2016

The Mafia's Boss

I just can't write this fight...

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 16 February 2016


Serena swings her brush a few more times as glass "strokes" appear all over the place, draining their material from the glass beneath the two women.

Ina: Look at this, the Artist has a fighting style after all...

Serena': Do not underestimate an Espada... Even if she is the last to join, and the weakest. 

With a flexible movement of the wrist, two alread existing glass spikes that came out of the ground become fluid, then change chape, and are launched from a weak angle at Ina, aiming to kill.

The mafioso woman, however, does not lag behind, and uses haki imbued kick with her heel too break the two incoming attacks into tiny pieces.

Tempest Glass.

Serena's face becomes very serious as she looks at Ina and moves her left hand, the one that isn't …

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 15 February 2016

The Boss of the Underworld

As the Emperor of Darkness, Kylen's massive body lies on the ground, defeated, we see two knees fall on the ground.

Ina: How... is this possible? Both Gill and Kylen, taken out? Is this... for real?

A few meters away, Serena can be seen, holding a glass blade, looking at Ina, respecting the fact that she just saw her foundations crumble and not attacking.


Ray appears behind Ina, with a shadowed face. He forms from dust, and tighly grabs his sword.

Ray: You must realize that, after all, Owari and Magnus are different people. It is a fact that the captain, two months ago, didn't know our powers…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 10 February 2016

Emperor's fall

The Emperor of the Underworld, Kylen, turns away, and starts walking away, with the intention of finishing off the extremly weakened Muramasa, who is obviously a level above the others before he gets the chance to recover.

As he walks, the shadows that were covering his head, creating the helmet come off, and he takes a big breath.

Kylen: [Using my awakened devil fruit constantly saps away my stamina,,, yet this is a war against a Yonko crew. I can't relax just yet].

Kylen continues walking, without noticing that the fog around him starts getting thicker...As he gets closer and closer to Hermes and Muramasa, he finally takes notice at the thick smoke waves that spread around him.

Kylen: It would seem that Owari's army of robots has been wrecki…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 10 February 2016

Clash of Pride

As shadows start surrounding them, Sher and Nww, in their hybrid forms, finally dash at Kylen with tenacity.

Kylen: Dont rush it!

Kylen moves his fingers, and shadows that some rocks formed get launched at the two. Sher swings his Barbar and breaks the shadow into pieces, while Nww simply dodges it, and crunches.

New Sprint.

Using the advanced muscles that his Zoan offers him, Nww almost instatnly reaches up to Kylen, and coats his dagger in Armament.

New Slash.

Kylen also coats his arms in haki, and intercepts the block. Nww feels his steel blade unable to pierce through his skin once again, but then grins. He drops the knive, and grabs the huge man's arms with his wolf hands, stabbing the tough haki-imbued nails in them.

Nww: Do it!

Sher appear …

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 9 February 2016

Mane and Fangs

As Muramasa walks away from Gill's body, he falls on his knee.

Muramasa: This is bad. I'm on the middle of a war and I can't hold a sword nor stand straight... Should I just... lie donw, perhaps? 

Some footsteps can be heard, and someone appears behind Muramasa. A "click" is heard, and as the gun is loaded, a suited man points it at Muramasa's head.

Suited Man: In the mafia, when you kill one of ours, there must always be counter-casualties, as a statement of power. You will be the price this crew has to pay for killing our assasin.

A loud bang is heard, and a body falls on the ground.

Muramasa's eyelids are wide open, as he sees Hermes a few meters away from him, having failed to dodge a bullet in order to shoot down the suited man first.


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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 1 January 2016

Bloody Path

A set of daggers can be seen passing by a man's face, just an inch away. A sword can be seen being deflected by a haki-imbued arm. 

Gil: Give it up. I have forgotten more ways to spin these daggers than you would ever dream of.

Muramasa: Ignorant fool ,without me, the world wouldn't have this desing of daggers!

Gil stops in his tracks, and looks at the daggers.

Muramasa: That's right, that design is obviously based on a sword I crafter about twenty five years ago... That's why I know all of its weaknesses.

Muramasa uses his true speed again, and appears to Gill's side. He then thrusts his sword at one of the two daggers and strikes at the metal with power.

Gill :[Why did he stab the weapon... Is he insa...]

Gil suddenly realizes what happened, an…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 9 December 2015

Mafioso and Pirate

As war rages on, we see the only people of interest that we have not seen yet... The Espada Pirates.

Hermes shoots a few lead bullets from his small pistols and headshots two guys that were trying to backstab Muramasa. 

Muramasa himself saw it coming, but placed his trust on the sniper of the Espadas, continuing with his attack against ten Mafiosos. hacking and slashing all in his way.

Sher and NWW are see teaming up against a few other strong looking ones, tearing them appart rather visiously in their animal forms.

Ray: Get lost.

In an instant, Ray uses his powers to decay the bodies of twenty Mafiosos around him, killing them, and clearing the area around him. He then unsheathes his reversed-blade sword and dashes, attacking another group of …

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 24 November 2015

War of the powerhouses

Deafening sounds can be heard coming from the island on which the World War Owari declared is centered. A shot from above, and so many colours can be seen. 

On all sides, soldiers are fighting other people, but also the Mad Robots that have risen, creating chaos everywhere.

One one side of the island, the earth is being chipped away slowly...

A zoom, and we see haki-covered fists crashing into each other, and on the opponent's bodies. Their suits have already been ravaged by the fight, but their spirits are high for the fight.

Marcus: How about you start using that technique you had... I'm done warming up.

Marcus dissapears from sight, but Lavi, irritated by the man's words, follows him at a greater speed, catching up while raising his fist.


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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 17 November 2015


On top of the mountain of rumble, on the special arena tha Owari himself created, an unexpected battle begins.

George coats his swords with Ageha, and Owari is forced to dodge, almost fearing for his life.

He then proceeds to counter attack, only to fail because George also has enchanced his reaction time with boosters.

Owari does not falter. He knows chances like this are very rare.

Owari: George... You've gone and done it. I commend you, this was brilliant of you... Mastering Melchee's Door: Ageha by yourself. 

Owari tries to drop George dead by accessing his biomechanical parts, but it seems that Vegapunk, having worked with Magnus for two years, knows how to prevent such a thing.

George: Owari... You are just a cancer that needs to be delete…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 17 November 2015

Life they gave me

We see the screen get wider, like it would when eyes open...

What the person whose eyes opened for the first time sees is two men standing infront of him, looking at him... One is youngh, with black hair, while the other is noticable older and with white hair.

Old man: Welcome... This is life.

Young man: Are you with us?

Person: Yes... I am here. 

The persons stands up, and some weird sounds can be heard. He looks around, and starts observing...

Young man: Do you know your name?

Person: Name? I have... a name?

Young man: *warm smile* Yes. It's George.

We see Magnus and Vegapunk standing infront of the machine George.

George at the time of his "birth" looked like this...

Owari has taken a seat on his throne, and Doyle is at his side. They are admiring…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 15 November 2015

The Sound of Madness

The Espada Alliance war with the Force has officially started.

Most of the fighters are already giving it their all on this battlefield that will decide the world's fate...

In the meanwhile, fifty more ships full of soldiers from all around the World can be seen arriving at the island of the battle.

Venator was still seated on the throne's arm, while Owari was relaxed on the throne itself. Sevoch, the last remaining Force member that was not fighting yet was standing, to Owari's left.

Owari was laughing all this time, silently...

Sevoch: What's gotten over you?

Owari: *still chickling* Nothing, I'm just too excited... Do you play music, by any chance, Sevoch?

Sevoch: Can't say I do.

Owari: Then you won't understand the blissfull feeling a musician…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 14 November 2015

Match ups

First, we see Lavi. He has a serious look on his face, as he blocks an nocming punch from Marcus. He instantly launches a counter attack, but that is also blocked, The martial artists' battle shall be a long one, that is for sure...

After that, we see Owari, He is standing behind Cello, looking at the armada that was actually also hiding the Espada and Mugen pirates... 


Everyone save for Lavi and the defeated Goro listens to him and starts walking towards the throne.

Owari takes a seat, and looks at everyone seriously.

Owari: It seems like the most of them are here. Now that I have my kenbushoku back, I can also feel Socrates being close-by, so that only leaves Magnus himself. The plan is simple... We shal…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 13 November 2015

The heroes arrive

Owari is still seated on his flaming throne. He can't stop laughing, everything has gone really good until now.

A huge armada of ships can be seen in the horizon, and they are slowly getting closer.

Lavi: So, Owari-sama. What will we do? Shall we sink them before they get here?

Owari: No. We still have that to show off, don't we? We need an army to crush.

Lavi: Fair enough. Anything we could do right now?

Owari: Relax. The sun has just set... It's a nice time of the day... A calm breeze is making this evening pleasant. 

Owari suddenly has an idea. He stands up suddenly, and looks at Connor.

Owari: Hey Connor, I just realized I forgot about a very significant detail.

Connor: You missplanned something? How can that be? What is it...?

Silience for a few…

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Swimswimfruit Swimswimfruit 13 November 2015

The Espada Alliance on the move

It has been two hours since the declaration of Wolrd War.

Things have been getting worse by the minute, and from the top of the mountain that the Force members stand on, an amazingly large ship armada can be seen heading their way.

Marcus puts down the piece of paper. He is topless, sitting on a rock, and he wipes the sweat off of his forehead. 

Marcus: Owari really did a number on the world. 

He closes his eyes, and focuses.

Marcus: The songs of life that I can hear are really dark and brutall. I'm afraid to even think about what the world is going through now...

He stands up, wears his shirt, and buttons up, and picks up his suit jacket from a nearby jacket.

Marcus: I guess I should get going... Every minute counts.

Marcus whistles, and a white …

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