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Age: 44

Species: Ancient People
Blood type: Extremely Rare
Birthdate: Year of the Swordsman
Height: 6
Weight: 183
Island of Origin: Ancient Kingdom
Occupation: Swordsman

Epithet: N/A

Crew: Asura Pirates
Position: Swordsmen/Military Tactician
Family: Deceased
Current Bounty:


Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol.gif

Reason: Hasn't done anything to be put on World notice and Government wants keep it that way as a cover up.

Dream: Drink the finest Wine, Sleep with the most beautiful women in the world, have the GREATEST BATTLE known to man.
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Augus is the crews Swordsman and Military man of sorts being the general for the Ancient Kingdom's Army at one time before the extermination. He can be seen as a man who lives life for now as he always talks about fighting, drinking, women, or all three at once. He sees fighting as not as a way to end things but as a way of life meaning if you have a point to prove to him in a debate or a dream he will more or less if feeling the mood say to "Show me with your fist or some kind of quote of the nature". He now travels with the crew but not in order to prove his country innocence who couldn't care less, but to fight, drink, sleep with beautiful women anywhere and everywhere.


Augus with his beloved sword "God Slayer"


Augus is care free live for the moment kind of man never really caring for the results for things but just the moment thus he never really thinks things through rather acting on instinct but at the same time is a invaluable ally to him in life and battle.

Abilities and Powers


Augus uses Ancient Style: Way Of God Slaying which involves a nodachi like sword and chi energy manipulation to increase sharpness, piercing, length of the blade, and weight of the blade almost instanteous as well as using cutting energy waves, ect.

Hand to Hand Combat

Fights with a sort of brawlish freestlye when not using his beloved sword using his overzealous stength and fair speed to take a opponent down.

Physical Strength/ Agility/ Endurance

Augus is overzealously strong even though not as strong as Wyzen but does come close. His speed is a fairly decent nothing to much to brag about but enough to get him by in the most dangerous of Swordsfights or Brawls. His endurance is one of his BEST qualities being able to take a fully charged punch to the body by Wyzen and get back up smiling he has the best endurance or tied out of the two with Asura and Wyzen.


Augus sword "Shinigami" he says that none of the finest wine and or beautiful women in the world can compare how much he loves his sword


Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation Uses it only to see how far he wants his sword to extend, wieght, or sharpen for enemies or places

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments Uses it.

Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King




Asura Pirates



Allies/ Friends

N/A besides his crew


Anyone and anything he deems a enemy, rival, or just doesn't like


Augus was once the military leader of the Ancient Kingdom but after the Celestial Dragons deemed the war to be a lost in they favor. Deus promises Augus that if he leaves the country to come with him for the future mission he would find better fights, wine, and women and he goes along with it even though with a heavy heart understanding full well what the outcome would be once he would awake. He now travels with the crew just doing those three things enjoying life to the fullest and always testing himself against stronger foes.