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The Asura lotus Symbol on a pure white flag black ink design for their flag.

The Ancients are the last living people of the Ancient Kingdom. Not much is know about them besides from the Ancient Alliance desendants and the World Government. They recently just woke up from a deep eternal slumber DEEP underwater on the last remaining ship of the Ancient Kingdom the Soyo Kazego. Now traveling together to prove their innocence to the entire Ancient Alliance desendants and World Government for the wrongful extremination brought on them. And there own self interest they go out into a new era a era of Pirates...

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Asura is the leader of the group majority of times when Deus is resting. Even though he can be a bit harsh, and hot headed at times. He sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him. He still is a competent and wise leader when needed. Specializing in Ancient Style Asura Combat. It involves calling upon the power of energy or chi they call it for all sorts of outstanding things.


The Soyo-Kazego is the Asura Pirates ancient ship except slightly updated. Its a miniature rough draft version of Pluton since not having all the entire materials necessary. It still functions as nothing ever seen before. Diving under water abilities and mounted rail gun. Utilizing chi like the Thousand Sunny with the Goa cannon. It has 360degree ship guns. System control manual/auto and can produce sea stone waves, to confuse Sea Kings. It can temporary disable DF users momentarily for escape or counter attack but ship shuts down after the sea stone burst functions like a EMP wave.


Deus is the orginal leader and oldest of the Asura pirates. Awakening before them and calling them "my children or child". He can be seen as a strict man who tolerates absolutely nothing. He has a caring side for his crew more than anything, always emphases bonds comes before anything. Being the leader makes Deus the strongest and wisest of the Ancient people. Even though abilities are unknown, said he can take on the whole crew. Although sick majority the time for battle. He leaves Asura in charge in his stead staying on the ship reading a book from home.


Augus is the swordsmen of the group and military tactician at times. He loves to fight not seeing it as a way to end means but a way of life LITERALLY. Skilled with hand to Ancient Style military combat and LOVES using his sword more than women and drinking, can use Chi aka energy through fist good level REALLY GOOD through sword. If not drinking then fighting if not fighting finding beautiful women literally if not then doing all at once which ever comes first. Giving him a carefree lifestyle of living for the moment lifestyle/ personality.


Vera is both the navigator and archaeologist of the crew. She seems to act high class and refined to the point it seems know it all stuck up. She goes as far to always correcting people if wrong about the smallest thing and gloats about it elegantly. Shes able to fight to a confident level using a orb made of Chi. She can make as big or strong to the point of giant size and use as if normal size or harden/ sharpen too sword point or duel wield or shield with as well as various other functions through chi energy.


Mithra is a kind, gentle, spirited young girl on the outside but her other self is a Extreme Sadist/Masochist. She is the ship's doctor and uses the four chakram rings around her, having specialized abilities & functions using chi. She makes them float and the abilities through chi. She is the weakest of the group but still a confident fighter if need be to a degree.


Yasha is the crews true tactician and specializes in assassination, spying, ect. He never speaks or makes any sound what so ever. Always keeping dead expression on his face and never showing emotion for anyone or anything but Mithra his little sister. He uses hand to hand Ancient Style:CQC/ninjitsu with chi aka energy to conjure kunais, shurikens, single/dual daggers. Making him very fast, strong, smart, and deadly in a blink of an eye.


Sergei is the crews Musician with a sitar and cook believing that the three most beautiful things in life are. Him, his cooking,his music making him a complete narcissist. Since so focused on his art of beauty and actual art his fighting prowess are not where they should be unless serious. He uses chi mixed with the harp to create illusions or hypnotism or slicing sound waves at you.


Kalrow is the ships Shipwright. Kalrow can be seen as extremely lazy even having a mind far beyond Vegapunks never wanting to use it truly cause laziness. Its to the point he rather focus his chi energy into a seg-way to get around than walk. Using his chi energy for alchemy for equivalent exchange he creates anything the situation calls for making him fairly decent dangerous opponent in battle if active.


Wyzen is the ships both cyborg due to his arm and armory/sniper user. He has a jolly personality and seems to be like a ancient Santa even laughing like him. Kalrow had found him beaten and dying as he saved his life and gave him his new weapon arm. He deeply respects Kalrow and can sometimes be seen always with him like a body guard of sorts or Kalrow on his shoulders. He manipulates chi at a extremely precise level for shooting energy based beams or volley attacks. He even utilizes the thrust-er booster for increase speed, for harder hit, and evading. and is extremely big like semi giant size.

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